We love our community and part of our job as your local pharmacy is sharing helpful information about our area as much as possible. We are ready to cooperate and work together with other local companies, businesses, individuals or organizations whose main target is to share awareness of healthy living, and the necessity of volunteering. Serving for over 50 years, prescriptions and pharma retailing allow us to provide our lovely residents with top-notch quality for their needs. However, the care for unprotected families and people with low paying capacities is treated as the first-line task. We support local Destrehan volunteers, take park in annual gatherings with the leading experts in the pharmaceutical industry to share experience, hone skills, and learn how to deliver the services better compared to what we used to do yesterday.

Please, if you match the above-mentioned criteria, are ready to go above and beyond in terms of your services or even products, or want to become a member of our dedicated family, we would be more than happy to give you a hand. Otherwise, you may contact us to leave your personal opinion about our presented links and friends. Our customer support team wants to make advances only with safe, reliable and trustworthy parties, that’s why your real feedback can help us achieve this goal or if required, cut off ties with those who only seem to be responsible.

Find a list of helpful links and friends of Destrehan Pharmacy below.