Guide for how to prepare for a hurricane

Hurricanes and other natural disasters are just a part of life in South Louisiana, and the safety of our community takes priority during these times of emergency.

“Living Local” is the foundation of our pharmacy. Providing prescription refills in a convenient manner during times of emergency is one of the services we are proud to provide. We have listed a hurricane plan below for your reference.

For our customers:

1.    Save (985) 764-1181 in your phone.

2.    Follow standard evacuation practices in times of emergency.

3.    For prescription refills during times of evacuation, call (985) 764-1181 to have your prescription temporarily transferred to the nearest pharmacy of your evacuated area.

During times of emergency, Destrehan Discount Pharmacy will remain open as long as the safety of our employees and our community are not at risk. As soon as St. Charles Parish allows reentry and the safety of our employees are not at risk, Destrehan Discount Pharmacy will return and open for business.




• Know where to go if you are ordered to evacuate. Plan your routes and destination.

• Put together a disaster supply kit. Hurricane Supply check list.

• If you’re not evacuating, plan for adequate supplies in case you lose utilities for several days.

• Make a family emergency communication plan. Don’t forget your pets!

• Sign up for text or email alerts from local authorties.

More info available at



If a hurricane is headed our way, you’ll need to know local evacuation routes. Remember to plan ahead and evacuate early – traffic will likely be very heavy.

Don’t forget to fill your vehicle with fuel before you leave home. Many gas stations along evacuation routes run out of fuel quickly.



Louisiana Emergency Alert System

St. Charles Parish

St. Charles Parish Emergency Alerts

City of New Orleans

Ochsner Health System

National Hurricane Center

American Red Cross

Hurricane Safety for People with Disabilities